• for solo piano (6')
  • dedicated to Lowell Wood, piano technician, on the occasion of his retirement
  • premiered by Stephen Runge
  • the recording below is of a performance by David Rogosin
  • 2013/2014

Score and Archival Recordings


About the work

Listen was written specifically for the unveiling of the new Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano in Brunton Auditorium, a generous gift to Mount Allison University. The piece is inspired by the repeated notes of a piano tuner who first listens and then, with a discerning ear, responds to the sound. The slow tempo and sparse musical texture of the work encourages reflective listening and appreciation of the resonant sonority of the piano.

Listen is dedicated with deep appreciation to Lowell Wood on the occasion of his retirement. Lowell has, with unmatched skill and sensitivity, maintained the pianos in the Department of Music for over 40 years.